SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The hazy horizon isn’t just affecting our health, it’s also affecting schools across the region.

There are some mixed feelings on the early dismissal of classes today in the Scranton School District.

Due to unhealthy air quality from wildfires, students were dismissed from school early throughout northeast Pennsylvania.

One grandparent in the Scranton School District says we can get through this.

“It’s better safe then sorry. Adapt and overcome, that’s the Marine Corps way, that’s what I believe in. This is America, we can handle anything,” said Mike Cerato, grandparent.

One student Eyewitness News spoke with was disappointed in the early dismissal and the cancellation of a special event.

“I’m kind of a little disappointed since our carnival has been canceled, and the smoke, sometimes, when I smell it kind of tastes, kind of smells kind of weird, I don’t really like it,” stated Yaryaan Gargirene, student at Northeast Intermediate.

The Scranton School District still hasn’t sent out any official word on whether school will remain closed on Thursday or not.