(WBRE/WYOU-TV) An Luzerne County horse racing camp is teaching kids the skills needed to be a harness racer.

    Eyewitness News Reporter Revathi Janaswamy has more from the Downs At Mohegan Sun Pocono.

A camp at The Downs at Mohegan Sun Pocono is giving youngsters a behind the scenes look at harness racing. Campers at the Harness Horse Youth Foundation Camp are spending time with professional drivers learning how to manage stables, groom, and drive trotting bred horses.

  “Since I was little I wanted to do harness racing and to try it out and I finally got to,” said Miley Vasicak-Doran, Camper.

   “I personally hope that they enjoy harness racing and they have a better idea of what it is. If they want to go further as far as a career well then the agro business of horse racing, we can certainly do that too,” explained Ellen Taylor, Executive Director of the Harness Horse Youth Foundation Camp

   The Harness Horse Youth Foundation has been doing summer programs since 1976. Taylor says she uses smaller standardbred horses for the camp because it’s easier for the kids to care for them.

  “The horses we have are angels. Because they tolerate a bunch of little hands, inexperienced hands fooling with the horses all the time,” said Taylor.

 The camp started for younger kids, but it recently extended the age range to seven through seventeen-year-olds.

Cali Moore first learned about harness racing two years ago.

   “Last year I actually got to ride along one of the drivers while he was warming up one of his pacers. So that got me interested in the harness racing business. And then they offered this camp, but before I wasn’t able to go because of my age. But this year they changed the age limit so I’m able to come this year,” Cali told us.

 The camp’s entry fee is waived due to its sponsorship by the Pennsylvania Horse Association and The Downs at Mohegan Sun Pocono.