STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Halloween’s forecast: It’s Raining Men, weathermen.

For Halloween, Deborah Homulka decided to dress as “Hallelujah, It’s Raining Men,” in reference to the hit 1979 song by The Weather Girls. Ironically, her costume is covered in pictures of the weather men from Eyewitness News.

Homulka attached raindrops with pictures of men onto the umbrella to complete the costume. These men included singers Barry Manilow and Bruce Springsteen, as well as Eyewitness News meteorologists Kevin Derk, Josh Hodell, Logan Westrope, Thomas Battle, and PAlive! host Chris Bohinski.

To bring her costume to life, Homulka wore a rain coat and boots, and carried a sign reading “Hallelujah!” and an umbrella.

Homulka’s costume made quite the splash at the station.