SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A proposed plan could send thousands of dollars to Pennsylvania residents. Unfortunately, not everybody will receive a state stimulus check like we saw from the federal government.

Governor Tom Wolf is looking to spend some cash before it’s sent back to Washington.

Harrisburg is sitting on $1.7 billion from the American Rescue Plan — and the governor has a plan of his own.

“Includes $500 million for the Pennsylvania opportunity program. It’s going to do one simple thing. Put $2,000 directly into the pockets of Pennsylvanians,” said Wolf.

“It would help a lot because I just retired, and I don’t get much of a pension. So, $2,000, it takes a little bit to keep this house going,” Scranton resident Gary Lewis said.

Lewis says he is excited about the news, and it will help the senior citizens and everyone with a household income of $80,000 or less.

“We get a fixed income. For us it will be a help in the pocket,” said Lewis.

“It’s the pandemic, its hurting everybody. From gas prices going up to food prices going up. Everybody and anybody is suffering all around from it,” said Nick Bonafide of Scranton.

Governor Wolf is looking at his plan as a reset button from the pandemic. Wolf’s $1.7 billion proposal will also assist small businesses, property tax relief, healthcare system and conservation, preservation and revitalization of Pennsylvania communities.

“It may help bring people out of a recession that’s going on. It might help with the gas prices go back down, and prices of milk go back down. You know different things,” Bonafide said.

 It’s unknown when and if the General Assembly will pass Governor Wolf’s plan. But any American Rescue Plan money not used by the end of 2024 will need to be returned.