EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — Governor Wolf is pushing to bump up the minimum wage in Pennsylvania after President Biden raised the minimum wage for federal workers.

Governor Tom Wolf continues his push to raise the minimum wage in the keystone state. Wolf weighed in his thoughts in response to the raised minimum wage for federal workers.

We spoke with two local businesses today that had different opinions about the topic. Friday morning federal workers’ minimum wage was bumped up to $15 an hour.

Governor Wolf tweeted out, urging the legislature to pass two proposed bills in the house and senate that would raise the p-a minimum wage from 7-dollars and 25-cents to 12-dollars an hour.

“I honestly didn’t know that it was still so low,” said Mary Johnson, owner of Frank’s Family haircuts.

Johnson owns Frank’s Family Haircuts in Tannersville she tells us she’s surprised it’s stayed the same for so long.

“It’s hard, it’s horrible. People that are actually going to work should get paid a little more, and maybe people that are sitting at home should get paid less,” explained Johnson.

PA’s minimum wage has been the same since 2009 a number significantly lower than its neighboring states like new york at 13-dollars and 20-cents and new jersey at 13-dollars.

“This is not New York, this is not New Jersey, this is not like a high-pay salary state, this is Pennsylvania we’re talking about,” stated Naira Kasparian, owner of Nai’s Tea, Coffee & Collectibles.

Another small business owner close to Johnson’s says she doesn’t agree with the raise.

“$15 an hour for these young kids, you know, plenty of money right? Why bother going to college? So you are making them dumber, you’re not helping them,” said Kasparian.

Kasparian tells us she’s struggling with finding employees and that she thinks a raise in minimum wage would only hurt her business.

“If you want to force the issue on big corporations, if they’re ok, if they’re able to pay, that’s fine. I’m not able to, I’m one of them and I think I’m speaking on behalf of all the small (business) owners. That will be my choice, how much I can pay my employee,” explained Kasparian.

The national minimum wage matches PA’s at $7.25.