HARRSIBURG, DAUPHIN COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)  Governor Tom Wolf signed a proclamation on Tuesday proclaiming May as Motorcycle Safety Month.

There were more than 3,400 crashes involving motorcycles on Pennsylvania roadways in 2015, resulting in 179 fatalities. Although crashes rose by 139 from the 2014 number of 3,284, fatalities took a dip from 186 in 2014 to a 10-year low of 179 in 2015.

Another factor contributing to motorcycle safety is proper training. To ensure that only properly licensed riders are operating on Pennsylvania roadways, under Act 126 of 2013, after securing their first motorcycle learner’s permit, people may only reapply for a permit up to three times in a five-year period.

Some safety tips motorists can keep in mind when sharing the road with motorcycles include:


  • Watch for Motorcycles: be aware that motorcycles are small and may be difficult to see.  Check mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes and at intersections.
  • Allow more following distance: leave at least four seconds when following a motorcycle. 
  • Always signal your intentions before changing lanes or merging with traffic. 
  • Respect a motorcycle as a full-size vehicle with the same rights and privileges as any vehicle on the roadway. Allow a motorcyclist a full lane width as the motorcyclist needs the room to maneuver safely in all types of road conditions. 
  • Never drive impaired.


Motorcyclists can do their part to help avoid crashes by following some simple safety tips:


  • Be seen by wearing reflective clothing and put reflective tape on your protective clothing and motorcycle. Also wear face or eye protection and a DOT-approved helmet.
  • Use common sense by riding sober, obeying all speed limits and allowing enough time to react to potentially dangerous situations.
  • Know your motorcycle and conduct a pre-ride check.
  • Practice safe riding techniques and know how to handle your motorcycle in adverse road and weather conditions.
  • For more information on motorcycle rider training or to schedule a course, visit www.pamsp.com or call 1-800-845-9533, Monday through Friday, between noon and 4 p.m.