SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – Months of campaigning has come down to just a few hours.

The polls for the Pennsylvania primary open at 7:00 AM.

Eyewitness News is Your Local Election Headquarters and one of the biggest races in the commonwealth we’re following is the race for governor.

Incumbent governor Tom Wolf is running unopposed on the democratic ticket but there are three people on the republican side looking to take his job.

Two of those three candidates made stops in northeastern Pennsylvania Monday.

State senator Scott Wagner calls himself a blue collar guy.

That is why he stopped by Chick’s Diner in Scranton Monday looking for last minute votes.

“Heck, I’m a garbage man. I know how to pick the trash up and put the trucks on the street and get things done,” State Senator Scott Wagner said.

Paul Mango, a former healthcare consultant, flew into the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport and held a rally at a nearby hotel.

“No one else has had similar leadership training. I’m a graduate of West Point. No one else has had similar business training. I’m a graduate of the Harvard Business School,” candidate Paul Mango said.

Laura Ellsworth, a corporate lawyer, didn’t stop anywhere locally Monday.

Her closest stop was at the Capitol Diner in Harrisburg.

“It’s time for a different kind of politician in Harrisburg, Laura Ellsworth said.

Ellsworth says reducing taxes, fixing pensions and solving the opioid crisis are her goals.

“The latest polls show us with the momentum! We’re up 16 points in the last months. There’s 22-percent undecided!” Ellsworth said.

Mango calls himself the conservative “outsider.”

“We’re not the party endorsed candidate! We’re the candidate of the people!” Mango said.

Scott Wagner is the GOP-endorsed candidate.

He advocates for zero-based budgeting which would require every state agency to build its budget from “zero dollars” as a starting point.

He believes his experience makes him the best candidate to face Governor Tom Wolf in the fall and hit the ground running on the first day.

“I don’t need to go through the building and meet Senator so-and-so and this representative,” Senator Wagner said.

The three republican candidates have already spent more than $20 million on the primary race.

Most of that money has gone into TV commercials that have been playing for months.