When covering the Olympics there are highs and lows. Sometimes you win a gold, sometimes you don’t qualify for the medal round. The same is true when covering the Olympics. Sometimes you interview a star, and then other times you find yourself looking for something to do.

Our Olympics reporter Aaron Nolan found that something to do in his favorite pastime.

It’s the final Monday of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games and by the looks of the crowds in the mountian cluster, it’s a lazy Monday.

Several hit the slopes at Yongpyong. At the bottom of one hill is cluster of houses. It’s the nation’s village.

Team USA house is there, Team Switzerland house is there, the Swedish house is there, but on my way out, I found something.

I’m a big golfer. This is video golf, so I had to go play nine.

Golf is extremely popular in South Korea and this place is not purely an arcade. This is full swings, full chips and even putts.

Every screen is built around a room. It’s perfect for a party of four. For this tee time we split nine holes. The cost, 17,000 won…or about 16 bucks.

In the end, we had no birdies and all bogeys.

Maybe it’s closer to real life than I would like.