DORRANCE TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — If you’ve ever wondered what it is like to be totally free, just ask ‘Jack the Goat’, who took off from his owners to explore Luzerne County.

Jack the Goat, otherwise known as ‘Jack Daniels’, was meant to be a wedding gift for Hilari Kilkeeney and her husband. But on November 29, just five days after being given to the couple, he hopped a fence at the couple’s barn in Dorrance Township and escaped.

Kilheeney tells Eyewitness News Jack started his adventure in Dorrance Township and worked his way down Blue Ridge Trail. Jack was first sighted at a nearby truck stop.

The next sighting was at a quarry in the area, where the workers said he had a ‘blast’. Kilheeney said she had been out looking for Jack trying to gain his trust with snacks, but he was just too fast.

The next Jack sighting was off Alberdean Road. Kilheeney said her husband went there and tried to catch him but he ran across Interstate 81 instead. After safely crossing the highway it is said that Jack made his rounds throughout different areas of Mountain Top.

Jack visited the dentist’s office, the kids at the playground at St. Jude’s church and even squatted in someone’s garage for roughly a day, Kilheeney told us. Thinking Jack would return, she set up a trap for him but of course, he never came back.

By this time, law enforcement started receiving calls regarding sightings of Jack.

“PSP Hazleton received a few calls on him lounging in the area of the Dorrance Exit, I-81 Northbound,” said Trooper Anthony Petroski. “On both occasions, once the Trooper exited the patrol vehicle and made his approach, Jack would then flee at a high rate of speed into the wooded area opposite of the Interstate.”

This photo is from our in-car dashcam, and the spotlight from our patrol vehicle is on Jack as it was getting dark out. – Tpr. Anthony Petroski

‘Although we don`t condone running from the State Police, we are glad to hear he is safe and sound back at home with his owners.’

Trooper Anthony Petroski – PSP

On December 14, Kilheeney recruited one of her friends, Kelly Giberson, who also had a goat, Legend, to help lure Jack in. With the help of social media, they were able to find where Jack was hanging out.

Using Legend, who was rubbed down with female scent, Jack was instantly attracted, was cornered and ultimately captured. According to Kilheeney, Jack is now home and safe in their barn.

“It was quite the adventure and absolutely kept us on our toes but we are so incredibly grateful that he is home safe! We are beyond grateful to everyone on social media for the updates and sightings as well as the amazing folks that helped us catch him,” said Kilheeney.

Jack Daniels will now be the face of Kilheeney’s Orchard opening next year and even has his own Facebook page.