LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) It’s not uncommon for students to switch majors a couple times during their college career – which can lead to higher college debt. But thanks to a new partnership, some local students will get extra help leaping into their career interests.  Eyewitness News Education Reporter Crystal Cranmore has our story.

Some of the students in this class at Crestwood High are barely halfway through high school.
    Yet their focus on life *after* college is clear now more than ever.

    Meet Sidney…Darren…David ….and Daniel four students who will likely get a jumpstart on their dreams thanks to a new partnership between the high school and Luzerne County Community College.

    Crestwood has started an “early college program” in which juniors and seniors can take a variety of electives at the community college during a school day.
    They can earn college credits at nearly half the price – a major selling point for students and their families.

“At one point I said I didn’t want to go to college because it is way to expensive. I’ll find another way to make money ” Said Darren Eckert, 10th grade.

“I was just nervous that i would waste money and not go on the right path.” said Sydney Sobolewski

    But now.. students will get a peek at college life to find out what interests them sooner rather than later, and for about 60 dollars a credit – about half the cost of a normal credit.

“The high school has a young scholars program that allows “top” students to take college courses. But this will allow more students to get a head start in life.”

    Joe Gorham is the district superintendent.

 He told Eyewitness News “This is really about getting them focused on their career before they leave our walls.

“We find students who take college courses prior to graduating high school are more likely to have higher GPA’s ” noted Rosana Reyes,LCCC VP Enrollment Management

    Since announcing the program, more than 125 students have applied – an indication students see the value.

“If you want to get a good job and succeed in life, you should do everything that you can” added Daniel Jinks,11th grade

Luzerne County Community College  has partnerships with other school districts.

    There are several students who are completing their associates degree before graduating high school.
Students can then take those credits and go to a four year college and get their bachelors by the time their just 20 years old!