Girardville Mayor talks about the challeges they face with blight month after two building collapse


(WBRE/ WYOU)- It’s been more than a month since a property collapsed in Girardville.
     The borough has since taken the properties down, but they still face this question.
     What do they do with the other blighted properties that pose a danger?

4 blighted properties once stood on this land on West Ogden Street in Girardville. 

“It starts with one house. And if they are attached, it just spreads. You know, then the next house, and the next house,” Robert Krick, the interim mayor and council president of Girardville said.

When the middle property partially collapsed last month, the borough of Girardville took emergency action, tearing it down. 
    It cost them $20,000. 
That’s on top another $20,000 it cost them to demolish another collapsed property on west main street weeks before.

“We dealt with two pretty big collapse projects and we’re in June,” Krick said.

Krick is concerned about blighted properties like this one pose health and safety threats to the people who live around them.

“When you see it? Huh…You’re afraid to walk by it. You come to this side of the street and go up,” Ronald Henning, resident of Girardville said.

But now the borough is financially strapped.

This property on East Mahanoy Avenue is one that the borough was looking at fixing. But since the other two properties came down, if something happens to this one, they don’t know if they have the means to fix it.

“The value and the properties are driven down. Who wants to buy a house next to a house that is going to leak on you?” Krick said.

This property and many others in the borough are owned by people out of state.
    Krick says despite the lack of funding the borough is still working to find a solution to fight the blight.

Borough leaders say they are going to start looking into grants as a possible way to deal with these blighted properties.

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