STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A foodbank in Monroe County is helping hundreds of families, but their focus is on our four-legged friends. But the pantry admits it’s in a tight spot and they’re asking for help.

Furry Friends Foodbank in Stroudsburg‘s goal is to help families with the cost of their pets to keep them out of shelters. They now find themselves in what they call a “Code Red” situation and are in desperate need of donations.

A trunk filled with bags, but these groceries aren’t going to the kitchen.

The food pantry in Monroe County is lending a hand to our furry friends, and could now use some help in return.

“I’ve never heard of anybody helping pets out. You got all your food banks for us, but you don’t have food banks for cats and dogs,” said Effort resident Donna Henry.

President Felicia Katz began Furry Friends Foodbank in Stroudsburg in 2020 after volunteering at a shelter and seeing countless animals being surrendered because their families couldn’t afford them.

“What a heartache that is, I mean for the people having to give up their pet plus the pet. The ultimate one that really suffers is the animal,” said Katz.

The bank now services over 500 families, giving them free food, medicine, and even clothes for their pets to help keep them home and out of shelters.

But with rising costs, their shelves are quickly running dry.

“With the price of everything going up, donations are slim. It’s harder to find stuff, harder to get more donations, and we took a real good look at our situation and we only have food for like two weeks,” Katz added.

For many in the community, like Michel Claus from Brodheadsville who has nine cats at home to feed, the help from Furry Friends is vital.

“I could not be more blessed to have them here. This is such a huge help, especially while I’m in between jobs. And getting some wet food and some dry food, everything helps,” said Claus.

And seniors in the area say they don’t know what they would do without the support.

“There’s a lot of people that need the help for their pets. I mean pets are our family. Especially when you’re retired. It’s all I have!,” Henry said.

Support that Katz and her team hope to continue giving any furry friend who needs it.

“A lot of elderly people that come here and they get Meals on Wheels and they order food that they can share with their pets. I’ve had a couple people say to me that now they could afford their medicine and now they could feed their pets, you know, that’s heartwarming,” Katz stated.

Any monetary donations, food, and supplies, or even just volunteering time can help furry friends continue their mission.