WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – As the “New Year” brings resolutions of all kinds some plan to stay sober as part of “Dry January.” The holiday season has come to a close and many are ready to hit the reset button with a new years resolution.

One of the popular resolutions on the rise is “Dry January” a month-long break from drinking alcohol.

Stefanie Wolownik with the Wyoming Valley Alcohol and Drug Services says they’re seeing more people participate in the sober campaign.

“Taking a break from alcohol, reexamining your relationship with alcohol, is a very huge health benefit,” said Stefanie Wolownik, drug and alcohol prevention, education specialist.

She says Luzerne County is the third highest in the state for alcohol use disorder and campaigns like ‘Dry January’ is a chance to challenge yourself to better yourself.

“Alcohol actually keeps us from dreaming, from getting that rem sleep that’s very restorative. We don’t dream, if we don’t dream, we don’t get rid of the pressures and tensions and frustrations of the day,” explained Wolownik.

If you’d like to take part in “Dry January,” there are many resources available including downloading some apps on your smartphone where you can track any alcoholic beverages you may be consuming and it also shows you how much money you save while participating in “Dry January.”

“’Dry January’ doesn’t have to be just in January. I mean today’s January 2nd. You know, any 30-day time period will be helpful.”

Wolownik says it’s important to know that real change is slow and intentional and any day is a new opportunity.