STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Happy Friday the 13th! If you’re superstitious, you may believe it to be an unlucky day. But others get the itch for a new tattoo.

Friday the 13th has many superstitions, especially in the month of October.

“Spooky stuff, horror, Halloween, also my family oddly enough, and tattoos,” said Courtney Cassidy, of Stroudsburg

For Cassidy and dozens of others at Rock’n Willy’s in Stroudsburg. Ink is on the mind.

“There’s a ghost skateboarding and there’s a little dust mite and I like both of them and I was like, ‘those might be the ones,” stated Katie Kewish of Kunkletown.

The shop is holding its ‘Friday the 13th’ flash sale for piercings and tattoos. Where you can pick from around 200 spooky designs. For a discounted price.

“They like Halloween, they like anything that’s kinda creepy. Something that’s different that they don’t get every day” explained Anthony Paternoster, owner of Rock’n Willy’s Tattoo and Piercing Shop.

Paternoster says the sale has grown bigger and bigger within the last five years. Drawing in hundreds of people. A line waits outside the shop to open around 7:00 a.m. Early risers who learned from previous years.

“The line was really long and I was almost the last person to get tattooed and I was like, ‘never again,’ so I started coming at like an hour before because nobody’s here an hour before,” said Kewish.

So whether you like getting inked for the look.

“It’s like I’m collecting art pieces on my body and they’re permanent, so I get to show off people’s artwork that I really love ’cause I wouldn’t put it on my body if I didn’t like it so,” expressed Cassidy.

Or for the sensation

“The feeling, it’s a mental thing for me I got to get as many as I can get,” said Paternoster.

It’s all about the people, art, and ink.

“We love to see everybody and when they come in, it’s nice and fun because it’s all different people that we haven’t seen in a while so it kind of brings everyone together,” stated Paternoster.

Rock’n Willy’s in Stroudsburg will be holding its Friday the 13th flash sale until 11:00 p.m.