HARRISBURG, DAUPHINE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV)  It’s now up to the State Supreme Court to decide if the state’s congressional map needs be changed.

On Tuesday, the state’s top court heard arguments from voters stating that the current map which was drawn by republicans in 2011 discriminates against democratic voters.

They say the GOP has won 13 of 18 seats for three straight elections despite only winning half of the statewide vote.

Mimi McKenzie is the Legal Director for the Public Interest Law Center, she says

“The state legislature carefully manipulated the 2011 map to mute the voices of democratic voters.”

    But an attorney for the senate republicans says democrats are not being shut out of the political process.

     The democrats say a new map can be redone in two to three weeks but republicans say that is not realistic.

    Depending on what the supreme court decides ,a redrawing of the map could have a direct effect on this year’s midterm elections.