STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A partnership program in the Poconos gave a dozen international students the chance to experience an American high school.

Stroudsburg High School, home of the Mountaineers, has new students walking its halls.

12 students from Germany are taking part in the school’s German American Partnership, a program that enrolls students from Germany to shadow and live with a Stroudsburg student for three weeks.

“I just wanted to experience American life and I dreamed about going to America for one year or longer,” said Gasmein Schaaf, a German exchange student.

This is the first year the school brought back the program since COVID.

During this stay, the guest students will experience something new, Stroudsburg’s homecoming.

“They’ll be here for the float competition and float building, the parade, the homecoming game, and all those types of things so it’s an awesome time of year for them to be here,” said Jeff Sodl, the principal of Stroudsburg High School.

The students involved are eager to learn about each other’s cultures.

One of the big differences between German and American schools, German schools do not have after-school activities.

“I wanted to see the school and everything here,” said Jonas Frey, a German exchange student. “I was really surprised about the sports, so the gym and stuff like that.”

Getting to showcase their everyday life, students at Stroudsburg say it’s rewarding.

“Just the overall experience of hosting someone, bringing them into my house and giving them a home for three weeks, and giving them an American experience,” said Isabella Caruso, a Senior at Stroudsburg High School.

“I’ve just loved meeting all the German students and their backgrounds and how life and family is like back there and showing them what our school is like,” Julian Gajewski, a Junior at Stroudsburg High School added.

In June, the Stroudsburg students will swap roles and they will get the opportunity to live and attend school in Germany.