WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— As gas prices continue to skyrocket, those who drive are still struggling to fill up their tanks.

People are fearful that regular gas will be more than $5 this summer. In Williamsport, many people drive to get around and they say these past few months have been a huge financial burden.

For months, gas prices have continued to climb, and many in the Williamsport area said it has been hard to keep their tanks full.

“I’ve cut back on a lot of things. I’ve had to. I get to a point where I only fill up twice a month. I fill up twice a month because it’s expensive to do that,” said Perry Thompson, a Williamsport resident.

Another driver remembers gas prices just a few years ago and can’t believe how much the price has skyrocketed.

“It was a lot better about 3 years ago when it was $2 something a galloon instead of $4 something,” said Jay Pauling, a Loaylsock Township resident.

Sheila Duffy commutes to work in Williamsport from Lewisburg and finds herself hunting for the lowest gas prices.

“I just pulled in and looked at the sign that said $4.69 for 9/10’s. I said oh no that’s too much. I mean I can save a couple pennies different places so I was going to the Nittany Lions mini-mart where I’ll probably $4.63 because I have their card,” she said.

Every cent counts. Perry Thompson, a father of 2, says filling up has become a monthly expense he never had to consider before.

“It should never be like this. It was never a monthly stipend bt the pandemic and the way the world at the moment, inflation is really real,” he said.

And for many taking road trips or vacations is out of the question.

“I haven’t taken any trips. I want to see my sister, my sister lives in Philadelphia but right now I told her, give me a break. You know right now with the gas prices the way they are let’s see if they go down sooner or later,” said Duffy.

Those who spoke with Eyewitness News said it’s even harder to make ends meet when their dollars are expected to stretch farther.