WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — All across NEPA residents are finally getting some relief from the price of fuel. But some say it’s still not enough, and they’re hoping to see the price drop even more.

Just a few short weeks ago, prices were hovering around $5 a gallon here in the city, now it’s down about 20 cents. But residents say it’s still a heavy financial burden, and they want the price to come down as quickly as it went up.

Although gas prices around Northeast Central PA aren’t as high as they were a few weeks ago, some say they’re still feeling pain at the pump.

In East Stroudsburg, one gas station is $4.65 a gallon. That’s down from nearly $5 a few weeks ago and residents dealing with prices as best as they can.

“I mean if you got to go, you’ve got to go. I’m not going to complain about the gas prices. If I’m going somewhere I’m going, what can I tell you? I’m not going to stay home because the gas prices are high.,” said Garry Lightbourne, of Monroe County.

“You can’t really travel outside your comfort zone to get a dime cheaper because it’s just counterproductive. I mean if you’re pushing 20-30 miles further, it’s 6 of one-half dozen of another,” stated Salvatore Gallo, of Gouldsboro.

The Sheetz in Larksville reads $4.39 a gallon, it’s still much higher than it was a year ago, and for another resident, that’s better than nothing.

“Like a said it’s a dollar for dollar now. You can notice that the prices are like you know, not as good as you want it but you know it’s moving pretty decent to me,” Terrance Johnson said.

Martin Jennings, a business owner in the Williamsport area recalls when gas was nearly $3 cheaper a few years ago. The Sheetz off West Third Street in Williamsport is down 20 cents from last month, currently $4.79 for regular. Jennings hopes this is the beginning of a fast decline.

“As a country, I just hope that we can come to some type of terms where we can control our gas prices better than relying on other countries,” Martin Jennings of Williamsport explained.

During the summer we’re used to seeing the price at the pump a little higher. Many people are hoping for even more relief in the coming months.