CARBONDALE, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBREWYOU) — Residents of a Lackawanna County city are seeing a 60% price increase in garbage and recycling collection fees. It’s causing a flurry of comments and concerns.

The matter was discussed Thursday during a Carbondale City Council Meeting. Dozens of residents came out in the hopes of changing the deal.

By a unanimous vote, Carbondale City Council approved a new garbage and recycling contract Thursday night.

It was awarded to the lone bidder, JP Mascaro and Sons, for a period of ten years.

“There is a sizeable increase in the bid price overall, an annual increase and there’s a big jump from currently where we are to what the next contract will start at. Several residents are upset by that,” said Carbondale Mayor Justin Taylor.

“Why are we tying ourselves into a ten-year contract?” said Carbondale resident Susan Price.

Taylor says it’s roughly a 60% price increase.

Nearly 50 people showed up to the meeting at city hall.

“So my concern is, 60% of this city is bringing in under $50,000 a year. That is barely liveable as is. Every penny, I’m a single parent, I have one income, I have two kids to take care of and I own my home. Every penny that I bring in to my house is already accounted for,” said Jenni Parrinello of Carbondale.

“The way that this is going, we’re locked into this for ten years. You can’t tell us how much it’s going to cost, which I don’t even know how you can possibly vote on it if you can’t tell that citizen what it’s going to cost. It was a fair question,” said Carbondale resident Bob Farber.

Taylor says one of the reasons why they can’t provide a number right now is because the city finished 2022 with a $500,000 surplus.

“No other municipality has done that. So, we’re looking to use that money to offset to save the taxpayers money,” said Taylor.

Carbondale’s current garbage and recycling contract ends March 31, and the new contract begins April 1.