WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— Eyewitness News had a visit from a meteorologist in training Thursday morning.

Gabe the Weatherman is a student from Panther Valley High School in Carbon County.

Gabe lives with autism and sometimes struggles with verbal communication, but that hasn’t stopped him from his passion for weather.

“Like right there is his hobby with knowing the weather. He’s always like saying what the weather is gonna be like and what the temperature is,” said Kirsten Waterson, Gabe’s mom.

His enthusiasm for weather gave his teachers an idea after struggling with reading lessons.

“We usually have him look up the weather, look up a joke. Then he types up a whole page. He has a tagline and an intro and everything. The next day we record him doing the whole thing,” said Tricia Kanick, Classroom Autism Interventionist.

They’ve been putting a weekly forecast together for a few months now, everyone says they’ve noticed his personality has changed as he’s started doing these forecasts.

“It’s making with his autism, more relaxed to him. Because he feels comfortable doing the weather,” said Waterson.

Gabe got to visit with Eyewitness News Meteorologist Logan Westrope, spoke with Chris Bohinski and Rachel Malak, and even tried his hand out on the green screen.

“So for him to have this opportunity has been great for us to see. And to see him come out of his shell a little bit and bloom into this meteorologist that he’s starting to become has been amazing,” Kanick told Eyewitness News.

His parents say they hope he stays true to who he is and that he will continue to follow his dreams in the future.