WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Friday. marks the 100 anniversary of a school in Luzerne County.

“I wanted to get a little snack and my one buddy said, ‘Hey why don’t you go ask Bridget?’ So, I asked my wife Bridget for a quarter and I kept asking her every day and she kept giving them to me,” explained Stan Mirin, the Head Custodian at G.A.R. Memorial Middle School.

Stan Mirin met his wife when he was in 7 grade at G.A.R. Memorial Middle School in 1984. He is one of thousands who have lasting memories at the school, which set its cornerstone 100 years ago.

Rogers asked, “So how much does it cost to build something like this?”

“100 years ago? Approximately, let’s see, 1.5 million dollars to build something like this. Today, we built the new high school for 121 million dollars. So a little bit of a difference for today,” Mirin replied.

The school was named after the Grand Army of the Republic, a sentiment to Civil War Veterans.

“When it came time to name the school, four of the school directors, were sons of civil war veterans. Their fathers were part of this G.A.R. Fraternal organization. So they said, hey, let’s honor them by naming the school after them. So it was the very first school to be named after the grand army of the republic,” stated Mark Cardone, G.A.R. Social Studies Teacher.

A building and name that still stands to this day, serving many in the Wilkes-Barre Community.

“Back in 1922, this building was a source of hope, and basically the diverse population that was coming in represented a variety of countries. Still to this day, we’re an extremely diverse population something that we’re really proud of culture, language, religion,” said Principal, Melissa Myers.

A century of grenadiers, who continue to walk through halls built so long ago.

Rogers asked, “So 100 years later, what are some ways that you guys are keeping the school open?”

To which Head Teacher, Erik O’Day replied, “So the district has invested in a new HVAC system, new windows, new flooring, and some cosmetic changes as well.”

So another century of students can learn within the classrooms of their ancestors.

An event commemorating the 100 anniversary of the cornerstone setting will be held Friday at 4:00 p.m.