SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The hazy horizons are affecting local animal organizations and farms. Creatures of all shapes and sizes are being impacted by the air quality conditions.

Eyewitness News spoke with Griffin Pond Animal Shelter and Hillside Farms about how their animals are handling the unusual weather.

Just like people, our pets are feeling the effects of the poor air quality.

“It definitely affects us as humans, you can imagine that it’s gonna affect animals whether it be domestic animals or animals that live outside,” said Griffin Pond Animal Shelter Medical Manager PJ Regan.

Regan says some of their animals have been reacting physically to the smoky air.

“Some of the dogs are starting to like reverse sneeze,” Regan explained.

He says dogs tend to do this when there is irritation in the nose or respiratory system.

But Griffin Pond Animal Shelter Development Director Sherry Crolly says they’ve been taking precautionary and preventative measures to ensure their pets and staff stay safe.

“So, today, and probably tomorrow, we’re doing what’s called ‘short walks’ that limits the time out for the dogs that we take for walks usually on really nice days, and it limits the time out for staff and volunteers,” said Crolly.

While dogs and cats might not be enjoying the outdoors right now other animals seem to be doing just fine in these conditions.

“It’s obviously cooler out and the cows enjoy that actually,” said Hillside Farms Executive Director Chet Mozloom.

Mozloom says the cows seem to be managing the poor air conditions just fine, so they’ll continue to comb the pasture as long as the problem does not persist past a few more days.

We can see these conditions are affecting different animals in different ways.

So good news for cattle owners, but for dog owners, you will need to keep your time outside with your pet to a minimum.