HANOVER TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — From laundry mishaps to early school dismissals, it’s been one problem after the other for people in Hanover Township.

Wednesday night, crews were still busy working on repairing the water main break along the Sans Souci Parkway.

Water flowed along the Sans Souci Parkway in Hanover Township like a swift-moving river Thursday. Pennsylvania American Water says, a 24-inch water main broke around 11:00 am in front of a Dollar General Store.

That’s where we found Hanover Township resident Patricia Girmen, who has lived in this community for decades. She ran to the store to pick up bleach after black water caused by the broken pipe filled her washing machine while doing a load of whites.

“I got the bleach” . . . “I would have never washed today, never washed, if I knew that was gonna happen. And my husband said it can’t be that bad. I brought him up a pair of his gotchies and I said, look,” explained Girmen.

Similar frustrations were flowing by lunchtime next door at Don’s Deli. It was one of the roughly 70 businesses and homes affected by the break.

“We basically had to shut down because we don’t have water so we can’t let anybody use the bathroom, it’s hard to get washed up between orders, it’s pretty hard to function when you don’t have water,” said Don Heness, the owner of Don’s Deli.

Low water pressure sent students home early from Lee Park and Memorial Elementary Schools.

“We went around, we checked the building and we could see the upstairs water was not coming out at a good rate. As gravity goes, it would go down so eventually, we noticed that there was no water at all,” said William Kane, the Assistant Principal at Lee Park Elementary School.

Girmen says this is the first time she and her husband have been impacted by a water main break. It’s one the couple is unlikely to forget.

“I have to go get him new underwear. The t-shirts, the underwear, but it’s okay. If that’s all that happened, we can live with that, right,” said Girmen.

Pennsylvania American Water states they expect repairs to be completed Friday afternoon.