(WBRE/WYOU-TV) The last special election held in Lackawanna County was in 2000 in this same 114th district– when a State Representative had to resign.The chairman of the Lackawanna County Commissioners is not happy about the timing of this election.

     He says it’s a waste of time, energy and most importantly taxpayer’s money.

     The I-Team’s Andy Mehalshick has that part of the story.

  “Its $35,000 wasted. The Commonwealth money taxpayers money” Said Patrick O’Malley, Chairman Lackawanna County Commissioner.

  So says Lackawanna County Commissioner Chairman Patrick O’Malley. O’Malley understands the importance of filling the open seat in the 114th district. But he insists it could have been done at less expense if it was held less than two months down the road.

  “This election could have been held on May 21st which is only 70 days from now. I really don’t understand it and you may even get a bigger turnout on the day of the state primary” Stressed O’Malley.

 The 21st is the state’s already set the primary election. Democrat Bridget Malloy Kosieroski voted Tuesday morning at the Waverly community center. Frank Scavo cast his ballot at the Old Forge borough building.

 Preparing for the election takes time and money.

300 county poll workers are pressed into service throughout the district which stretches from Old Forge in the South to Carbondale to the North.

  “In the special election, we have all of our polling places open all poll workers manned. We have to get registration and absentee deadlines we have to go by” Noted Marion Medali, Director of Lackawanna County Department of Election.

 And county employees must visit each polling place to make sure the voting process is operating smoothly.

  “We have to make sure there is no problem and that the people know what to do”

Mehalshick asked “How is it going? Langan answer “No problems.”

State officials wanted to hold the special election sooner than later because the people of the 114th District haven’t had a voice in Harrisburg since last October.

    The votes will be officially confirmed on Friday. The winner should be sworn into offices within the next several days.   

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