From the Producers Pod- July 30, 2015 Edition

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Hi It’s Jayne Ann Bugda from the “Producer Pod”

  Here’s what we are working  on for Eyewitness News for  July 30, 2015.   

     Back after a few days off!  A nod to my friends in the Pod – Kirstin, Katherine and Lindsay for the web assist.  And Kirstin for 7 pm producing duties.

    I love, love, love this weather!  But, please check on our elderly friends and pets. Because this weather can be difficult for many people-  

Our PA Live Question of the day
         Do you consider a drone hovering over your property invasion of privacy?  Do you think you should have the right to take it out, if possible?

   Send us your comments on the PA Live Facebook page!


Don’t forget to check out the Community Link here on PAHomepage.   Today’s Community News Features    
         Check out the new ambulance in Newfoundland.  The department will be hosting an event to welcome the new vehicle to the community.

    Plus, Susquehanna Health Announced the healthy events planned for August.


  On PA LIVE –
        In The Kitchen:   Nicole Vanluvender in the Kitchen

The Weekender

Top Trending Stories

On Eyewitness News at Five-      Katherine  Lachette  is your producer  

     A local finacial advisor is sentenced in Federal Court today- for bilking people out of their money-more than one million dollars.  The I-Team’s Andy Mehalshick will have more on the story he first told us about at 11 am and Noon.

    Celebrating Samuel “Roxy” Rothafel – Jasmine Brooks has our story.

On Eyewitness News  6 and 11   Lindsay Keeler  is your producer.                  

    Eric Deabill has a look at what the new developer is planning for the Steamtown Mall.

   Plus- A local financial planner is sentenced for bilking people out of their money.  The- I-Team’s Andy Mehalshick has some tips on making sure your finances are safe.

On Eyewitness News at Seven on WYOU-   
An update of all the day’s news.  Plus, here is what else I, (Jayne Ann)  will have for you.       
    A big fundraiser underway in the Poconos Tonight.  Laurie Monteforte will have more on the Pocono Mountains Community Fundraiser

     Plus, a groom swims to his wedding ceremony!  This is a good one!

    And we will keep up with the Stanley Cup as it makes its rounds.

   Caitlin Rowe is your producer at 10


  Kaitlin Sosnowski-Ayer is your 5 am and 6 am  producer.

 Your Eyewitness News Producing Line-Up-   

  Jayne Ann Bugda- Senior Producer PAHomepage  and Eyewitness News at 7 pm  

  Dawn Miller- Senior Producer-Manager

  Dave Becker  –  Eyewitness News at  11 am and Noon.

   Katherine Lachette- Eyewitness at 5

   Lindsay Keeler – Eyewitness News 6 and 11  – Monday through Thursday
(Eyewitness News 6 and 11-   on Sundays)


     Caitlin Rowe    –  Eyewitness News

    Kirstin Cook     –   Eyewitness News at 6 and 11  at 10 Fox 56 (Friday and Saturday)

Kaitlin Sosnowski -Ayers-Eyewitness News  5 am and 6 am


On the Assignment Desk=
    Dave Becker
   Tim Haberski
       Kirstin Cook

What’s on TV Tonight?  ( )
      Sue Kalinowski- our WBRE/WYOU Program Director/Coordinator has your daily line up.
“Boom!” – Imagine getting….covered in hot fudge…for a wrong answer! “Bones” at 9pm is a repeat—-the dead, wealthy
teacher found in a bookstore episode. WOLF.BRE—“Food Fighters” – a married firefighter with kids….tries to cook his way to 100K. Then
there’s a new “Dateline”….Heidi played pool…and ended up dead….Was she really “# 1”? WYOU has “Big Brother”…. Someone goes home…
will it be Supermarket Jason’s turn to “check-out”? “Under The Dome”…. The world outside the Dome….experiences a meteor shower.
More “5-0” in Late Night, then it’s James Corden’s turn (to interview) with Christina Applegate…. Jimmy Fallon chats with Ice-T  

 Thank You  for making Eyewitness News part of your day!


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