SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A food drive in the Electric City is helping feed thousands of people for Thanksgiving. The Friends of the Poor Family to Family Food Drive just wrapped up.

Thousands of 15-pound turkeys were given away with all the fixings for families to enjoy tomorrow.

“I’m very grateful in order to have the food that we have,” said Sandra Rosencrans from Carbondale.

Thanksgiving food giveaway, touching the lives of 15 to 20 thousand people in NEPA.

“We don’t want anyone to go without a thanksgiving dinner,” Linda Robeson explained.

Linda Robeson, the director of Family to Family, says they expected a big crowd Tuesday for their annual food basket giveaway.

The Friends of the Poor and hundreds of volunteers handed out 3,500 baskets.

They filled each car with a complete Thanksgiving dinner, including a 14-16 pound turkey to cook with all the trimmings.

People who came to pick up the free food baskets tell Eyewitness News what their thankful for this year.

“Thankful that I made 81. Cause I have no family, I will have thanksgiving with friends though,” said Arlene Lenc from Scranton.

“I am thankful for everyone getting a chance to eat their Thanksgiving dinner,” Rosecrans told Eyewitness News.

A dinner many wouldn’t be able to afford this year due to inflation, and supply issues.

“Every time you go it’s a couple dollars more even though we have food stamps but they don’t last,” said Nan Gaus, from Scranton.

The Friends of the Poor was also faced with challenges this year, food costs being the biggest hurdle.

“Our prices are up almost 40-50 thousand dollars than they were last year just because the price of the turkeys,” Robeson explained.

Hundreds of volunteers filled trunks throughout the day so everyone, no matter their situation, could look forward to eating turkey on Thanksgiving.

“Oh I love turkey,” said Christine Schwartz from Scranton.

“Oh and the stuffing, I love the stuffing with cranberry sauce,” Lenc added.

“It’s just a great day for our community it’s really a great day,” Robeson told Eyewitness News.

The Friends of the Poor is accepting donations for future giveaways next month.

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