STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Friday the 13th, a day for the superstitious. Some think the day brings bad luck, but for those looking to get tattoos, it could be their lucky day.

Dozens of people lined up to get a simply designed tattoo at a discounted price. Eyewitness News went to Rockn’ Willy’s in Monroe County to see what those customers had to say.

“The line is already out the door and out into the parking lot,” said Anthony Paternoster, owner of Rockn’ Willy’s.

“Friday the 13th, this is like a big holiday for tattoo shops, people love to do specials for that. So you get to do a horror design and little Friday the 13th designs. People absolutely love this day and there’s two of them this year and we’ll be doing this again in October,” Stephanie Pelaez, from Palmerton, told Eyewitness News. “We came out super early because the last time we missed it so we are extremely excited, and we’ve been here since like 5:30 haha”

“I love watching people get as happy as they get when they walk out of the shop when they get a tattoo. It’s just a great environment and it’s a great place to work,” Paternoster explained.

“This is my first time here, so first experience, I like it very well. I like the environment; I love everything about it,” said Bethlehem resident Naz Allen.

“We’re doing a little sister bonding experience getting our tattoos together,” Pelaez said. “We’re getting the balloon dog, my sister and I both got that, and then we have a ghost then I’m doing a fly with a 13 on it.”

If you missed this Friday the 13th, no worries. Another Friday the 13th is coming around in October!