FREELAND, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)- A Luzerne County family is holding their 16-year-old son tight tonight after he nearly lost his life when their home went up in flames. 

The teenager and his pet dog were trapped in one of the two double-block homes that were on fire this morning in Freeland.  

Thanks to the bravery of bystanders, the teen was rescued and reunited with family members who are thankful he is alive. 

When Jessica Arroyo’s double-block home at Ridge and Carbon streets in Freeland caught fire, she was at work. After getting the call, she immediately worried about her 16-year-old son Brandon who was home alone at the time.  

“All I could remember was, is my stepson ok? And that’s all that mattered,” said Jessica Arroyo.

As firefighters fought the flames that spread to the vacant home next door, Arroyo pulled up to the scene in utter disbelief of what was happening.  

 “My mind just went blank. And when I saw my stepson I was like, you know what, everything is okay, because he is okay.”  

As the chaos began to settle, Arroyo learned that two bystanders jumped into action earlier to help.  

One of them alerted authorities to the fire and tried to extinguish the flames, while the other helped the teen and his dog, Jordan, escape through a second floor window.  

 “It was an angel at the moment, he was around for a reason, and I guess that reason was to save my stepson, as well as my dog,” said Arroyo. 

The teen and his beloved pet escaped unharmed but one of the bystanders was taken to the hospital to be treated for breathing in smoke.  

Arroyo and her family lost everything, but they are thankful for the bravery of these strangers who helped save her son’s life.  

“I do not remember who he is, what his name was, but I am grateful for him. And I hope if he’s watching this and everything, I just want to let you know, thank you,” said Arroyo.

Seven people, three of them children, are displaced and being assisted by the Red Cross.  

The cause of the fire is under investigation although the Freeland Fire Chief does not consider it suspicious.