WEST HAZLETON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— Two local organizations teamed up Saturday to prevent a potential tragedy. They provided free-of-charge devices that could help save lives.

As part of the “Sound the Alarm Campaign,” the American Red Cross and the West Hazleton Fire Department got together Saturday morning to install free smoke detectors in a West Hazleton neighborhood.

“Times are tough for a lot of people who they either have no smoke alarms or they need replacement alarms their alarms are old they don’t work or whatever and they’re very thoughtful very appreciative it makes us feel good to be able to provide that service,” said Chief Richard Sparks, of the West Hazleton Fire Department.

The American Red Cross provided roughly 300 smoke detectors in an effort to help prevent loss of property and life.

“We were told that they were some fires that happened recently this week and we’re just going around making sure everybody has some smoke alarms to try to prevent those types of things and make sure everyone safe,” explained Lamar Warren, a Red Cross volunteer.

This is the third year the American Red Cross and West Hazleton Fire Department are doing this and they hope to continue it for years to come.

The smoke detectors distributed today are good for up to ten years.