MOUNTAIN TOP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A local group held a special event to show their appreciation to a sometimes forgotten group; our truckers.

A trucker appreciation event was held Friday afternoon at Blue Ridge Travel Plaza in Mountain Top. The event is organized by the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association Northeast Chapter also known as PMTA. This is the first time an event like this has been held in the area. The truckers got a free meal provided by Button Real Barbeque.

“Well, it actually feels pretty good because most of the time you know most truck drivers feel that they are not appreciated. sometimes it is a pretty thankless job,” said Donald O’Connor a truck driver.

They decided to hold this event to show truck drivers how much they are appreciated. the vice president of PMTA’s Northeast Chapter says until the pandemic people did not realize what vital role truck drivers play.

“The pandemic really shined a light on that when people weren’t able to get food on the table and toilet paper in the bathroom,” says Madison Conway the vice president of Northeast Chapter PMTA.

“If you’ve got it a truck brought it. so, without trucks there wouldn’t be any food on the grocery shelves you wouldn’t have any gas in the gas stations,” added O’Connor

While one of the main goals here today is to provide the drivers with a free meal they get to walk away with so much more.

“It’s something that we didn’t have years ago just having a meal it made me happy, a full stomach is always good,” explained Eric Turnbach a truck driver.

They also got a free T-shirt and a hat. Organizers say they are very grateful for all their sponsors and volunteers who came out to help.

For more information about the organization and all they have to offer visit PMTA.