PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — In frigid temperatures, crews battled a house fire Friday morning that left four people displaced in Plymouth Township.

“It had a head start before we got here. Our first engine on scene, there were flames coming out of every single window of the house and the roof,” stated Josh Evans, fire chief at Goodwill Hose Co. #2 in Plymouth.

The fire broke out in the hill section of town on temperance hill which is a higher elevation in the area.

“It’s 15 degrees out here. We have snow, it’s very treacherous up here on the hill. It’s the last house on the street in a rural area,” explained Chief Evans.

Battling the blaze was not the firemen’s only fight. The frigid temperatures brought other dangerous elements into their line of duty.

The biggest necessity during a fire is water, and that quickly becomes a safety issue with winter weather.

“We had an issue with the water supply to our fire hydrants. //flash// cold conditions may have a factor into that,” said Evans.

Water can also create the most threatening obstacle, ice.

“Our pumpers and all our hose lines can freeze up, and that’s our main thing you gotta keep water flowing so it doesn’t freeze and to make sure no firemen will slip and fall,” explained Evans.

Road crews were contacted to salt the windy roads leading up to the scene to keep those on foot and behind the wheel safe. The chief noted crews were advised to bundle up for the long firefight.

“This is an extensive operation that’s going to go on for hours, but the main thing is safety and that everybody is okay. We have no injuries to report at this time and hopefully, we’ll keep it that way,” said Evans.

The firefighters were out in the cold for several hours. The cause is still under investigation