FORTY FORT, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — An event in Forty Fort that’s dill-icious.

Folks turned out today at the Forty Fort sports complex for the ‘Pickle this Pickle that Food and Craft Market’. Pickle lovers could please their palates with just about any pickle possible.

Besides traditional pickles like the classic bread and butter, the menu included Bloody Mary pickles, bacon pickles and pepper pickles. One business owner says this market brings out people who really relish a good pickle.

“Pickle lovers are a whole other animal. I mean people that love pickles don’t just like pickles. I mean you’ll see people here they have pickle flavored popcorn, pickle koozie’s, pickle everything,” said Kevin Kline, owner of Kevin’s Crazy Kitchen Pickles.

The event featured a pickle contest. Voters chose Mrs. Fritz’s Homemade in Hanover Township as their favorite. Organizers say the pickle event was such a hit, they plan to do it again next year.