HANOVER TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Spencer Lane in Hanover Township is the only entrance to the townhomes at Hanover on Allenberry Drive.

“Which means everything that comes in school busses, ambulances, delivery everything has to come through here,” said Bill Rusen a resident.

It’s a county road located between two marshes filled with wildlife and vegetation. Over the past few months, beavers have moved back into the marsh creating habitats and clogging up the drain under the roadway.

The beavers and the heavy rain have caused the marshes to overflow flood the roadway and create massive potholes.

“You worry about an ambulance that has to go fast and breaks a tire and it’s stuck there,” added Rusen.

Rusen and many other residents have been reaching out to county officials looking for answers.

After several months a resolution has been reached and work has started on making repairs.

“The flooding on Spencer Lane is a hazard to the homes it’s a hazard to the health and to the humans here in Hanover Township,” explained Rep. Alec Ryncavage.

Ryncavage says once this is finished more repairs can be made.

“We are then gonna be able to install two french drains so that in the event another emergency flooding situation occurs the water can be diverted to another part of the marshy area,” says Rep. Ryncavage.

In addition to plans to clean up the roadways, there are also plans to relocate the beavers living here in the marsh.

The North Branch Land Trust currently owns the marsh.

They say in coordination with the PA Game Commission they will trap the beavers, safely relocate them, and work to control their population and divert their activities in the coming weeks.

There’s no timeline yet on when the beavers will be relocated. But Ryncavage says the other repairs will be completed by the end of the week.

He also says a $500,000 state and local road resurfacing project will take place here on Spencer Road starting in the spring to ensure that these issues don’t continue to happen.