BLOOMSBURG, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – The heavy rain has caused some serious flooding around our area tonight.  Fishing Creek in Bloomsburg went over its banks prompting evacuations in the west end of town.

The rushing water from Fishing Creek flooded the roads in the west end of Bloomsburg. You’re looking at the intersection of West Main Street and Leonard Street. Police asked people who live here to leave their homes. This man was holding his cats — as he waded through the water.

“It happened really fast! I was out back looking at the creek and it was only at the bank! I left for a few minutes, and it was to my backyard!” says Olivia Remley.
Olivia Remley says the water didn’t get into her house — at least not yet — but her family evacuated — and they’re staying with friends and relatives.
“Scary! I didn’t know what to do! This is my first time in a flood. I never lived in a flood zone before!” says Remley.
“Just keeping everybody we can away from the flood waters! And trying to get the evacuees out of town!” says the Fire Police Lieutenant in Bloomsburg, Ken Hillman.
Ken Hillman is the Fire Police Lieutenant in Bloomsburg. He was busy directing traffic — as debris floated down the street.
“ARE PEOPLE LISTENING? Most of them do listen! There are a certain bunch that don’t! And we have to deal with them!” says Hillman.
Hillman says Bloomsburg fared better than other places in Columbia County — and he’s relieved the Susquehanna River stayed in check — but with more rain on the way — he’s not sure what the future will bring.
“Always nervous when it rains like this! We’ll deal with it! We did in 2011, and I don’t think it could ever get worse than it was in 2011!” says Hillman.
There is a temporary Shelter open at Reliance Fire Company in Berwick for anyone displaced from their homes, and pets are allowed in crates.