Fireworks Precautions at State Parks


MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) State parks and forests are popular places on the fourth of July weekend.

“We get a lot of questions this time of year from campers or forest users asking if they can use fireworks.” Said Tim Dugan, District Forester DCNR

Delaware Forest District Forester Tim Dugan says most fireworks are illegal in our state forests, parks, and campsites.

“Why firework that is a projectile or shooting or whistling or cracking.”

While the big, loud, and colorful fireworks are not allowed here, sparklers are.

Still — Dugan says you shouldn’t use any fireworks in these areas — even the legal novelty ones.

“There’s always the risk and concern about starting a wildfire. It has been a little dry lately.”

Dry leaves and defoliation from gypsy moths make it worse.

 “A lot of green vegetation has been stripped from the land, now allowing a tender fuel base for fires to start.”

State forests and parks aren’t the only busy places on the holiday weekend.
Business is “lighting up” at this store in Tannersville..

“Oh, it’s really exciting. You got everybody from every state coming in to buy fireworks.” Said Peter Matra, Brooklyn Fireworks

But “Brooklyn Fireworks” and DCNR both agree safety comes before fun.

“Even if you are an experienced pyro, you aren’t above stupidity. You know, accidents happen”


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