WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Area law enforcement issued a warning to parents about a new concern with Halloween only days away.

Law enforcement officials tell Eyewitness News they are monitoring the fentanyl situation and they want parents to be extra cautious this Halloween.

“I need everyone to be vigilant, where they are looking at where they’re going, who they are encountering, and what type of candy they are accepting,” stated Sam Sanguedolce, Luzerne County District Attorney.

Luzerne County DA Sanguedolce says he is not taking any chances of this after reports of fentanyl candy being found in communities across the country. The deadly opioid is often shipped in candy boxes.

The drug enforcement administration DEA says Mexican drug cartels are targeting kids hoping to get them addicted to opioids.

“Inspect the candy. We always did we were inspecting for different things many years ago. But if the candy is unwrapped obviously homemade be extra vigilant about giving that to your children,” explained Sanguedolce

“Fentanyl is a problem like it is nationally. We deal with our fair share of fentanyl overdoses and we are seeing it on the street,” said Chief Anthony Gorey of the Plymouth Police Department.

Plymouth Police Chief Gorey says he has not heard or is not aware of fentanyl candy showing up in our region but he stresses because the deadly drug is here, parents must be on guard.

“If you believe something is suspicious, you’ve already decided you’re not going to consume it. There’s no need to manipulate it or inspect it any further. I would suggest definitely not smelling it. Don’t inhale it by accident, call your local police department,” explained Gorey.

Jason Harlen is a substance abuse counselor and runs Wyoming Valley Alcohol and Drug Services.

“It’s very cheap and it’s accessible. People are always chasing that best high so unfortunately, we are seeing it,” said Harlen.

Harlen tells Eyewitness News parents must be proactive.

“My advice is to be very careful with our candy. Make sure you know if you’re a parent if you see something that’s questionable throw it away let’s keep our kids safe,” stated Harlen.

Harlen says fentanyl can be deadly even in small amounts even in limited exposure can kill a person.