SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – State police and the FBI say three recent bank robberies in Lackawanna and Wayne counties are connected.

Investigators now believe the same man may be responsible for all of the hold-ups which started on December 1st.

In a new and somewhat unique move for northeastern Pennsylvania, the FBI is releasing a video of all three robberies hoping that viewers will recognize the man.

The bank robberies started on December 1st.

A man wearing gloves and carrying a gun robbed the NBT Bank in Elmhurst Township in Lackawanna County.

Instead of just surveillance pictures, the FBI and state police now want you to see the entire video hoping that you’ll recognize him.

“You can watch how they walk, how they move their arms and that may be enough for someone in the public to say, I know that person!” Trooper Connie Devens with the Pennsylvania State Police said.

The second robbery happened just before Christmas, December 22nd, at another NBT branch in Newfoundland, Wayne County.

The robber, wearing a mask again, got away leaving many in this normally quiet area stunned.

“It’s a remote area. It’s probably an easy target for him,” Wilson Krellwitz of Hawley said.

Many people remember the hold-up.

Police now call the man a “serial bank robber.”

The third video is from the Community Bank on Wyoming Avenue in Scranton.

The suspect was in-and-out in just 20 seconds.