BLOOMSBURG, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — 7 years ago, life unexpectedly changed for the Whitenight family.

“‘When was the last time you saw your son?” Allegrucci asked.

“Yeah, January 14th, 2016,” Steven Whitenight Senior responded.

Steven Whitenight Junior was considered missing that morning after he was delivering newspapers.

His father and long-time girlfriend knew something was wrong when Whitenight Junior could not be reached.

“Wasn’t responding to her phone calls. He didn’t return home that morning, so she had called me, and then I in turn tried to call him and he didn’t respond to me either,” Steven’s dad said.

While family and friends searched for answers, Steven’s dad says the police discovered his son’s car parked at the river bridge in Bloomsburg near the airport.

There were tracks found in the snow getting out of the car and up to the bridge, but that is where Whitenight Junior’s trail goes quiet.

“Right now it’s pretty much considered a cold case. There really hasn’t been any activity, no new leads anything of that nature,” Steven’s dad said.

Leading up to his disappearance, Steven’s dad said everything seemed normal.

“I was texting him at 10 o’clock the night before he went missing, just casual conversation about the weather,” his dad said.

Steven’s dad continues to pass along the same message to his son…

“If he were to see this, we still love him and want him to come home,” Steven’s dad said.

And to other families who may be suffering in the same way.

“Families that have loved ones missing, it’s a tough situation. Some people don’t like to talk about it, but just that they keep the faith and keep hope alive that their loved one is out there somewhere,” he added.

If you have any information on the disappearance of Steven Whitnight Junior, who was only 30 years old when he vanished seven years ago, contact the Bloomsburg Police Department.