MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— Heated arguments broke out during Wednesday night’s Pocono Mountain School District’s Board Meeting.

It was over an industrial company’s more than $8,000,000 offer to purchase a former elementary school in Tannersville.

That company, Core5 LLC, is behind two controversial plans to build warehouses in Pocono Township.

At the meeting, the public got emotional talking about the possible sale to Core5 and officials with Pocono Township spoke about its own plans to purchase the school property.

The discussion was heated during a nearly three-hour-long Pocono Mountain School Board Meeting Wednesday night.

It was over an 8.1 million dollar offer from Core5 LLC to purchase the former Pocono Elementary Center School in Tannersville which closed in 2013.

“Please keep in mind, not all money is good money,” said Rebecca Smith, a Pocono Township resident

Residents spoke out against the offer, pointing out that the property borders land that Core5 is already approved to build a warehouse on.

They say they also have plans for a second warehouse in the area.

“Us as taxpayers are saying we want to keep this in the community, this building,” said Lisa Buchholz, another Pocono Township resident.

Pocono Township representatives also spoke at the meeting saying they’re interested in a new community center and municipal complex on the property.

“The school board’s decision does not have to deal with the use of the property. Our focus has been on the need of the township,” said Taylor Munoz, the manager of Pocono Township.

School Board Director Rusty Johnson says this is a township issue.

“Why are we having this discussion now? The township should’ve had these discussions a while ago. We truly don’t want these in the township, then we should’ve reacted to this,” Johnson said.

Pocono Township Commissioner President Richard Wielebinski explained the township’s plans to expand operations at the former school Thursday.

“The township has grown tremendously over the last 30 years. The police department alone, when it was built, was built for eight officers. Right now, we have 21 officers,” said Pocono Township President Wielebinski.

There was no final decision made at the meeting. Pocono Township President Wielebinski says their next step is for commissioners to vote for a motion to have the property appraised.

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