MOOSIC, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — On Wednesday night, a pedestrian was killed after being hit on a busy Lackawanna County road.

But this would not be the first or even the second time someone was killed there within the year. The crash will actually be the fourth pedestrian-related accident on this busy road within the last 16 months.

Three out of the four crashes have been fatal, the most recent occurring last night. The local police department is working to find a solution to keep this from happening again.

A commonly traveled Lackawanna County road has become an unsafe road as well.

“You might think it’s safe and all of the sudden a car comes over the hill at 35 miles per hour. That’s not too safe,” said Moosic Borough Police Chief Rick Janesko.

Birney Avenue in Moosic is an increasingly dangerous way of travel, taking its third pedestrian life Wednesday night.

Moosic Borough Police Department confirmed with Eyewitness News 56-year-old Janet Kopcho of Pittston was fatally struck by two separate vehicles while walking along the road. Locals who are familiar with Birney Avenue understand how hazardous it can be.

“First of all there’s no red light, there’s no stop sign, it is like a highway. People don’t seem to slow down and that’s why people are getting killed,” explained Joseph Rossi.

The dangers come from the road itself, especially in the evening.

“It’s a dark road. You know, it’s three lanes, it’s not just two so you know you’re crossing three lanes of traffic, not just two,” Chief Janesko added.

After the most recent accident, Moosic Borough Police Department hopes to combine efforts with Moosic Borough officials and members from PennDOT to put a halt to reckless driving and make Birney Avenue safe for pedestrians.

“Better visibility, more lighting, more signs of awareness of pedestrians crossing, and unfortunately there are no intersections there so there’s people just crossing the road all the time,” Chief Janesko continued.

For now, drivers are urged to be more vigilant on the road in order to avoid tragic accidents before they occur.

“That’s why they’re called accidents. You could be going down the road and doing everything right and a person walks out in front of you, or a deer,” said Chief Janesko.

No one has been charged in regard to the fatal accident that occurred Wednesday night, but the situation is still under investigation.