PITMAN, SCHUYLKILL COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Summertime heat often comes with summertime showers and thunderstorms. But we have seen less rainfall than usual over the last month and that has farms in our area struggling to keep their crops going.

“We haven’t had substantial rain in weeks. Thunderstorms just seem to be splitting us. They come up through the valley and go north or south of us,” said Brett Stehr, co-owner of Kenny Stehr and Sons Farm

It’s not just thunderstorms they’re missing the dry air and low dewpoints have affected them too.

“The dew in the morning were not seeing much of that either. That always helps, you don’t think about it but when you wake up and everything is a little damp it really does help. But even that was not getting any,” explained Summer Stehr.

While they wait for rain they have turned to full irrigation to keep the crops alive.

“The irrigation is great but it’s not the same. I mean good old-fashioned rain is still the best. Our other problem is it costs a lot of money to irrigate right now, especially with five-dollar diesel fuel,” stated Brett Stehr.

Brett Stehr says the financial hits keep coming. They are selling their product right to the consumer and are trying to keep costs as low as they can but it’s been a tough year

“I mean it started already with fertilizer, now it’s on fuel, now were irrigating and were battling drought. It seems to just never end,” Brett said.

Other farms are struggling too as drier weather continues to be the trend.

“We’re okay right now, but in the next few weeks if we do get what we need, corn and all those crops are not gonna make it,” Summer said.

“Support your local farmer and pray for rain,” says Brett.

If you want to support a local farm and vendors Stehr Farm is holding its pickle festival this Saturday afternoon.