WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— By this time next month, Lycoming County will be gearing up for the 75th Little League World Series.

It’s been a long time coming. This is the first year since 2019 that the Little League World Series will welcome back international teams. Eyewitness News came across a lifelong fan who can’t wait to watch the games again next month.

“It’s special. It’s special to me and very meaningful,” said Truman Bruce.

Truman Bruce and his wife Joanne live in Georgia, but were passing through South Williamsport and decided to stop by the little league field.

“This is the first time coming this way in a while so it’s nice when I come through here just to stop and take in the moment,” Bruce told Eyewitness News.

Bruce has been a lifelong little league fan. As a kid he played, as an adult, he coached and watched his sons fall in love with the game too.

“I played little league and it meant everything to me as a kid. I’m 76 years old but my little league memories are vivid,” Bruce explained.

Bruce said he can’t wait for the games to return in August.

“I enjoy watching the Little League World Series even more than major league baseball. I’ll be watching on TV from afar but I’ll be so glad to see it,” he said.

Around 70,000 visitors come to the area for the 2-week tournament. Jason Fink, CEO and president of the Williamsport Lycoming County Chamber of Commerce said they’re looking forward to finally welcoming all fans back.

“Being able to meet with people that are from different walks of life, different parts of the world it’s just everything that a small town would wish for and we are fortunate enough to be able to have it here,” Fink explained.

The games will run from August 17th to the 28th right here in south Williamsport, kicking off with the grand slam parade in Williamsport, hosted by Kelly Byrne and Sean Coffee in Williamsport on August 15th.