STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The next recipient to get recognition is the Family Promise of Monroe County a non-profit that supports families battling homelessness and provides them with resources to get back on their feet.

Rebecca Parks lives in East Stroudsburg with her one-year-old son Leonardo and her husband but that wasn’t the case over a year ago.

Her family was looking to buy a house when the market prices skyrocketed they then tried to find an apartment with no luck.

“Every time they would run our credit, it just shot us down and we couldn’t come back. It’s amazing we spent three years building up my husband’s credit and it was destroyed in three months,” said Rebecca Parks, a client of Family Promise.

After spending nearly all of their money on hotels they found Family Promise of Monroe County.

“I showed up here on the deck. I said I had my whole family and everything we have in our car and $100 in our pocket and nowhere else to go,” stated Parks.

The Stroudsburg non-profit provides shelter and resources to help families facing homelessness.

Before the pandemic, clients with Family Promise would be sheltered for just over two months but due to a lack of affordable housing, that’s increased by nearly a month.

Its executive director says this year more families in need are reaching out.

“What was once a $900 apartment, is now $1,200. What was $1,200 is now $1,500. So getting families to the point where they can become sustainable outside of the shelter, has taken a little longer,” added Enid Logan, an Executive Director, Family Promise of Monroe County.

Jeanette Harris is a case manager who’s successfully helped Parks get back on her feet. She is now in an apartment with a full-time job.

She says the first step for those in need is reaching out for help.

“Pride or fear should not stop anybody from not being homeless and keeping food on their plates,” commented Jeanette Harris a case manager at Family Promise of Monroe County.