Family of Goats Rescued by Indraloka Animal Sanctuary


WBRE/WYOU-TV) Nine goats are saved by a Wyoming County animal sanctuary.    The goats were in bad health when they arrived at Indraloka  Animal Sanctuary near Mehoopany 

      But as Eyewitness News Reporter Cody Butler shows us the goats are getting healthier by the day.

 The goats are at their new temporary home at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary In Mehoppany.

  A concerned citizen spoke with a local farmer who had the goats and asked if he could surrender the nine goats instead of being slaughtered.   

“We learned that it was three generations of a family of goats. We felt that even though the timing was not ideal… we needed to save this whole family. We couldn’t just pick and choose” Said Indra Lahiri/Founder, Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

 When Indra Lahiri received the goat family all were malnourished and sick.

  “They were suffering from lack of care. They hadn’t got the proper nutrition, their hooves hadn’t been trimmed which made walking very painful for them they had multiple other heavy parasite loads, multiple other problems that stem from neglect” Indra told us.

One of the goats Indra says was so sick it died soon after rescuing it. The remaining eight have seen a veterinarian dozens of times since September 11th.

Jim Marcinko has been taking care of the “family of eight” — getting them back to better health.

  “Oh they’re so happy! It’s really great to see them in better health. It kind of makes us all breathe a little easier at night,” noted  Marcinko who is The Animal Care Manager, Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

  Just like many animal shelters, sanctuaries get a lot of donations for food. But this sanctuary needs a lot of donations for building a new barn at their new location down in Dalton.”

 Marcinko told us, “They will be able to run around in pastures  jump around on people  and just be part of a goat herd and part of Indraloka,”

 The new sanctuary will sit on 100 acres. a new barn is in the process of being built for the goats and a new sheep they recently rescued. It will be a place where all of their animals are relocated.

  “We’re putting up new barns for them, new shelters, new pastures, new fencing, new everything so that is the biggest cost right now,” said Marcinko

  Indra added, “This facility is going to give us the chance to say yes more often to those calls that come in.”

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