WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Gas prices are sky high, and if you’ve spent even a few minutes in a grocery store you’ve seen the high prices there as well.

That has a growing number of families struggling, looking for ways to cut back and make ends meet.

It’s something we’ve all probably noticed. You go to the grocery store to grab a few items and you end up spending more for less. Residents Eyewitness News spoke to say they’ve had to make some changes to the budget for more expensive groceries.

Meat, eggs, bread and other grocery essentials continue to rise in price. Residents say they’ve noticed their dollars aren’t stretching like they used to.

“Prices have gone up. The overall grocery bill has gone up. We’ve stockpiled a little more on like fish and chicken,” said Matthew Potts, Watsontown.

In February, inflation rose to 7.9 percent, the highest it’s been in 4 decades, according to The Wall Street Journal. Another resident says, in addition to prices it’s also hard finding formula for her young baby.

“This is the third place today I’ve checked. They had something similar, it’s their brand of it so it will do because it’s the same ingredients but it’s not the exact thing we use. But I’m desperate like I need to be able to feed my child,” explained Kayla Kerstetter, Trevorton.

People say they’ve also been meal prepping and eating home to save more money.

“Whenever I’m at the hospital doing my clinicals I pack. I try not to spend,” said Potts.

“We never eat out anymore. We used to eat out like once a week or something and hardly ever do that anymore,” stated Ashley Neary, South Williamsport.

Ashley Neary started noticing that her grocery bill was slowly increasing so she began budgeting and changed her shopping habits.

“They’re always asking me for more snacks. They don’t get as many snacks as they used to. We try to do like bulks at Sam’s Club now. I didn’t have a membership there before. But now we go there for bulks foods and stuff because it just makes it a little cheaper in the long run,” Neary explained.

Even though groceries have gone up, paychecks have remained the same for many people. They’re hoping these prices eventually go back down.