DALLAS, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Long before we had pumpkin spice everything for Fall, there was Apple Cider.

There’s plenty of cider and apples to be found in Northeast Pennsylvania as the temperatures start to cool.

“We originated in 1828, so in six years we’ll be 200 years old,” said Paul Brace, owner of Brace’s Orchard.

But over those 200 years, they’ve kept things simple at the orchard.

“When we come to the farm you’re getting them just off the tree. Wash them, brush them, that’s it,” described Brace.

At Brace’s Orchard, you can pick your own apples, buy some apple cider donuts, or even ride an apple wagon on the weekends.

“These kids come here on tour and stuff and they say they’ve never seen an apple tree. All they see is houses and dirt roads,” added Brace.

Don’t forget about the apple cider.

“1982 was the first cider we made. That was the first press that we purchased to make cider here. Now we’re over 100K gallons a year,” explained Brace.

Brace puts a special touch into their cider too, blending a variety of apple types to make it unique.

“We need the leaves to fall off the trees, to remind people that it’s time to eat apples and drink cider fresh,” said Brace.

With over 40 different varieties grown on the farm, it keeps the family very busy heading into fall.

“We raise the apples, we plant the trees, we spray the trees, we pick the apples. I mean everything is right here. You’re seeing everything done right at the farm and sold right to the customer,” described Brace.

Brace’s Orchard is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with plenty of apples, baked goods, and every fall treats you can think of.