SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Recently a more than century-old Scranton landmark went dark. It was actually restored 17 years ago right around this time in 2004 after having been ‘without power for 30 years.

“As hundreds hid under their umbrellas waiting, the Scranton High School band played and the Ballet Theatre of Scranton performed it all added to the excitement,” said Kerry Shahen.

“I’m here to enjoy the spirit of Christmas and to see the sign lit up. I’ve heard so much about the Electric City sign that I want to see it aglow,” said Susan Ryan.

“The sign has been sitting on top of the Scranton Electric building for more than 100 years, but it hasn’t been a glow for nearly 30. No one seems to know exactly why it went out, but everyone seems excited to have it back,” said Shahen.

“I’m excited about them getting it all fixed up, and getting it back in shape again. So we can see it and let the kids today see what it was like when we were kids,” said Al Conforti.

You could say the sign is a landmark. It has even been reproduced by a Connecticut-based company that specializes in miniature iconic signs.

“And after 10 months of fundraising, the 1,400 bulbs were blazing once again,” said Shahen.

“I think it’s so cool. It’s like a great Christmas decoration, but it’s permanent. It’s exciting that our city has a sign,” said David Flynn.

“This sign is a little different than the one that went dark 30 years ago. The original said ‘Scranton Watch Us Grow.’ This one highlights the city’s heritage. Mayor Chris Doherty wants people to see it as a symbol of the city’s revitalization,” said Shahen.

“I think of energy, vibrance a community on the move, a community on the rise,” said Doherty.

Fidelity Bank with multiple locations in northeastern Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley has agreed to pay the electric bill for a year to keep the iconic sign on Linden Street in the Electric City aglow. Community leaders have already talked about ways to keep it powered for years to come.