Eyewitness to History: Lackawanna County Historical Society

Eyewitness To History

SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — They are one of the oldest cultural institutions in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania. They are the collectors and keepers of our local history. Even today as we’re still dealing with the pandemic.

If you talk about Eyewitness to History, the historical society started eight years after Lackawanna County was founded. The people who founded us, were the same people who were involved in the incorporation of the county. The people who are involved with us today are out in the community making history every day.

“And we do that in a variety of ways. A diploma that we just received from the Women’s Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences. Through maintaining a research library in the back of the house where people can come and search their genealogy. They can learn about different towns within Lackawanna County or businesses. Or sometimes just to explore a local myth or legend,” said Mary Ann Moran-Savakinus, director of the Lackawanna Historical Society.

“My main job is to interpret artifacts, and so that we can catalogue them. Because if we don’t catalogue them, and make them available electronically, we’ll never know what we had,” said Dennis Martin, a volunteer with the Lackawanna Historical Society

Joseph: “Dennis, what’s your fascination with maps?”

Dennis: “They, I don’t know I just love them. I have done a lot with the Clarks Summit maps. In fact, one of the things, I have a friend of mine we’ve been doing is trying to figure out the early days of Clarks Summit, what it looked like.”

They continue to capture history as it is happening.

“We’ve been here for over 130 years. We have documented the history. We have a beautiful home here. One of the big challenges for us is that this house is too small to hold what we want to do. So, our, my hope is that in 50 years we grow to a point that we have a few other locations where we can offer other components of local history,” said Moran-Savakinus.

On Friday, the society is taking part in NEPA Gives Day. Lackawanna County Historical Society has a great presence on the web. They have over 400 members across the states and beyond. They hope to fully reopen in August.

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