SAYLORSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — He was part of children’s morning television for thirty years. Even today is ‘moniker’ conjures up pleasant memories for many generations. He also was our neighbor, taking up residence in the Poconos.

“Hugh Brannum’s casual country style, hokey antics, and ever-present green overalls made him one of the most famous sidekicks in television. as Mr. Green jeans he was captain kangaroo’s comical cohort from 1955 to 1984. A star to millions of young viewers and hometown kids,” reported Greg Fox on news 22.

“Brannum lived in this house in Shawnee for thirty-six years, before moving with his wife Joan to Saylor’s Lake in 1984. People who knew him best say he left to escape the throngs of tourists but regretted leaving the throngs of neighborhood children who knew him well,” reported Fox.

“All the kids in the neighborhood in Shawnee and here called him Mr. Green Jeans. and they called me Mrs. Green Jeans,” said Joan Brannum.

“Joan Brannum says her husband worked extra hard on the program (Captain Kangaroo) to inspire children as well as entertain,” explained Fox.

“He considered it very important, ah, education as well as fun,” said Joan.

“Brannum known to his closest friends as ‘Lumpy’, will be sorely missed by those who will never forget the humble man who made them smile, ‘Mr. Green Jeans,'” said Fox.

Huge Brannum’s legacy lives on both in Shawnee, Saylorsburg and beyond.

Hugh Brannum was also a World War II veteran and along with Captain Kangaroo Bob Keeshan both were marines. He was part of Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanian band on NBC radio performing as ‘Little Orley’. Captain kangaroo debuted in October of 1955 and aired for 29 seasons in the morning on CBS and of course WGBI and WDAU previous to WYOU.

‘Lumpy’ Brannum that is Mr. Green Jeans was an actor, composer, children’s television celebrity, and our neighbor. He was 77 at his passing.