EYEWITNESS NEWS (WBRE/WYOU) — One flood against another, the words of then-Congressman Dan Flood who pulled out all the stops to bring the region back

In 1992, in one of his last interviews, then reporter Dianna Penna sat down with flood to reflect on Agnes in this Eyewitness to History of Agnes at Fifty.

People of the Wyoming Valley never dealt with the likes of Agnes. For many rebuilding meant starting over from scratch.

One man is credited with helping the people of the Valley rise above the devastation Congressman Dan Flood’s famous quote “This will be one Flood against another” rang loud and clear in Washington.

“Anything we wanted we got-somehow, somewhere, small and big dollars and pennies”

The Congressman got flood victims more than just pennies the driving force behind the Flood Recovery Act. He fought for and received millions in federal aid and thousands of tons of supplies.

Sitting in his Wilkes-Barre home, what he remembers most are the admirable actions of the people.

“In there wasn’t one person man, woman or child in that whole show- that at any time hesitate to do anything that they were asked to do or given a chance to volunteer.

While he commanded high-ranking government officials to help our region he still gives the most credit to the citizens, the victims who endured Agnes.

“There were people they didn’t know or heard of – they got together they held hands and they saved this valley”

Disasters like Agnes are something we don’t want to experience or live through again Congressman Flood is not alone when he talks about Agnes as the tragedy that forced people to rebuild their lives and at the same time

The landmark event built a whole new character for a place that many call “The Valley with a Heart”

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